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Copper Pipes

Super Tube Works is a leading Manufacturer, exporter, supplier, distributor, wholesalers, traders, retailers & importers of Copper Products. Our range comprises Industrial Copper Rods, Industrial Copper Pipes, Industrial Copper Wires, Industrial Strips, Bus Bars, and Industrial Sheets, from a broader perspective.
Super Tube Works is offering copper pipes of the most common ways to use a copper pipe nowadays are for the construction industry for water supply lines and refrigerant lines in heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems. Whilst this can mean AC, many don’t realize that this copper tube system is what keeps our refrigerators and our freezers alive. While the majority of the copper tube applications lie in the residential sector, where they are used to convey potable water in homes and offices, refrigerator industries, firefighting systems, and medical and residential gas suppliers are also catching up.

Available copper pipes contain more than 99.9% of pure Copper. The process of extracting pure copper is considered to be more critical in its production chain compared to fabrication and installation. The copper pipes are made to fulfill JIS standards, which stand for the Japanese Industrial Standard as well as the ASTM standard. These two types of pipes are created to fulfill different roles, and hence need to follow different standards to meet the required specification that is necessary for their purpose. The JIS H3300 C1220T copper pipe is more suitable for waterworks. This ranges from showering systems to overall water systems in a building or a home. On the other end, the ASTM B88 copper tube is more suitable for heat-sensitive purposes, such as air conditioning and refrigeration. Three different types of ASTM B88 copper pipes used in system installation are types L, M, and K. They are considered some of the most common types of pipes, with their actual purpose being similar, but their specifications are a tiny bit different. The key difference between these three types of copper pipes is that Type K pipes have thicker walls compared to Type L, and Type L wall thickness is thicker than Type M. Therefore, the copper pipe wall thickness determines different working pressure and application for each type of pipe.
Super Tube Works This array of products is chosen for applications in almost all industries and residences, primarily for its safe and robust attributes. The mining industry, Construction industry, Cement industry, Shipbuilding industry, and Allied Commercial set-ups are some industries where our products have been able to inculcate a lot of demand. The range of products offered by us is of premium quality that boasts of client’s confidence. We keep on upgrading the standard of models and procure our products from the best available vendors, known for offering the best quality products to deal in. Still, Abco Engineering Inc considers passing every finished product through stringent product inspection processes, to ensure that deliveries made at our client’s end, are flawless.